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#Sokobanjanje has started nearly 180 years ago with Prince Miloš Obrenović sending our hot spring water to Vienna for testing. It was in 1837 when the first patient with a medical referral honoured us with his visit. The oldest Serbian spa has been growing ever since, every year attracting more and more guests seeking health, relaxation and entertainment. Old, young – it does not matter. Branislav Nušić, the renowned Serbian comedy writer, launched the famous slogan that’s proved true over the years: Soko town, it’s been sung, come an old man and go young! Soko spa is cherished by active people, but also by families with small children who are the most frequent users of #Sokobanjanje. The fullness of our offer make it possible to hike, swim, fly, drive, or just chill out in a refreshing coolness of a forest, or in a restaurant.

Ivo Andrić, Serbian novelist and a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1961) also enjoyed #Sokobanjanje:

“I have no idea what is it about this place, but I do know that after a fortnight or twenty days in the Soko spa I come back to Belgrade to work a new man for a full year.” 

Short or long #Sokobanjanje? It’s your choosing. But indulge yourself and be enchanted by all the four elements of the Soko spa: air, water, earth and fire! Each and every one is but a few steps away. Enjoy the rejuvenating fresh air and moderate temperatures in summertime, let the fragrances of nature enrich your spirit and well-being! Dip in the Moravica river or the Bovan lake and ride a slide in our water park! Follow it up with another #Sokobanjanje exploration in the Ozren mountain, taking a stroll along the Lepteria promenade, or, for a change, conquering the Soko Castle. However, your #Sokobanjanje adventure is somehow incomplete without tasting the local delicacies coming from the untouched nature. In the end, what is #Sokobanjanje about if the BBQ is left without? The disarming locals will add special glow to the embers. Trust us, they know how to do it: they have been pampering their guests for generations.

If you had memorable #Sokobanjanje, please share your memories on the social networks (hashtag:#Sokobanjanje) and win a ticket to the water park or another prize! Enjoy your stay!

Tourism and Culture Organisation of the Sokobanja